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Transform Your Child's Learning Experience.

K-12 and Neurodivergent Alternative

Building Strong Foundations

TREAD’s mission is to give kids access to a flexible, well-balanced curriculum that is specially designed to match their needs and position them for successful futures.

By offering a range of curriculum forms and engaging activities that keep the children engaged and flourishing, we are able to achieve this goal.


We offer various curriculum approaches for ages 4-18.


Class Ratio: 5:1


Microschool: TREAD is accredited by Georgia Accrediting Commission as a Non-Traditional Learning Center. For reference, when a student enrolls, they are considered a homeschooled student but they receive all of their academic and elective instruction under TREAD Academy.


Curriculum styles offered: Project-based learning, online learning, multi-sensory learning approaches, interactive learning through technology and virtual reality


AMES Web Assessment: We use the AMES Web Assessment to test the children at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to tailor the curriculum to their needs and evaluate their progress. 


Grading: At TREAD, we do not believe in giving letter grades. We believe that performance reviews and performance portfolios are most appropriate to capture the true ability and level’s of our scholars. Student’s assignments are reviewed for completion and accuracy; additionally rubrics and standards checklist are used to measure mastery of concepts. Quarterly performance reviews and portfolios are completed and given to parents to assess where your student is currently functioning and to monitor their progress within their individual learning plans. This approach helps to alleviate stress around learning deficiencies and provides confidence and excitement in the educational environment.

    • High Schools Students are given performance reviews but are still given grades and transcripts in preparation for college and career readiness.

Transformational Engagement Program: Morning Motivation, Weekly Field Experiences, and King and Queen Day. Learn More.

Special Programs:

  • Neurodivergent Programs: We are trained in special education and can implement IEPs. We can assist with autism, dyslexia, specific learning disabilities, and many more.
  • Orton- Gillingham: is a direct, explicit, multi-sensory approach to reading, writing, and spelling for struggling learners.
  • STEM Classes: Student – led projects based in area of STEM


  • Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc.- Click here to learn more or to be a donor. 
  • TREAD Scholarship: A privately-funded scholarship offered by the school funded by fundraisers and donations. This scholarship is awarded based on a financial aid application and a needs basis. 


One of the things that impressed us most about TREAD was the level of individual attention and support that our child received. The teachers and staff at TREAD were truly invested in their success, and they went above and beyond to help our child reach their full potential. Whether it was providing extra assistance with a challenging subject or offering encouragement and motivation, we could tell that the TREAD team was committed to our child's growth and development. Thanks to the personalized and experiential learning environment at TREAD, our child was able to thrive academically and personally. They developed a sense of confidence and self-assurance that we had never seen before, and they were able to discover their passions and interests in a way that was not possible in a traditional public school setting. Overall, we are incredibly grateful for the impact that TREAD has had on our child's life. They have grown into a confident and motivated individual who is excited about their future and eager to continue learning and growing. We would highly recommend TREAD to any parent looking for a supportive and nurturing homeschool co-op that prioritizes personalized attention and experiential learning.

Mrs. Jones Parent

TREAD has been better than advertised many times better. This is my son‘s third year. He started having seizures around 2018, and has as many as 10 to 15 episodes per hour. Doctor started him on the medicine to stop the seizures, but slowed his ability to retain information. We visited TREAD and the situation was explained to Mrs. Dixon. She gladly accepted him to the school. The doctor said he will never walk, talk, play, or read all due to the seizures damage on him. The beginning was tough. Mrs. Dixon and her staff stayed vigilant. We have numerous stories and performance reports from the first year to third grade that show progress. Today we are catching up and Michael is well on his way. Michael reads, writes and does everything a normal child needs to do. The summer program helps with continued academic enrichment as well as association with children on his age. Michael is proof the Academy works. Hands-on assistance, small group class sizes, and individualized work at this school is amazing. Any assistance to help further this education model is well deserved. At Clayton county school that allow him to sleep all day. He learned nothing. TREAD was recommended by a friend at that facility.

Mrs. Murdaugh Parent

On behalf of my family , I would like to thank tread academy for the wonderful job that it has done with servicing my children. Two of my boys aged, 13 and 15, has receive the tutoring services. My youngest has attended the academy since her educational journey has begun which now has been going on five years. In the four years that she has been there, she has engaged in a rich learning experience. She had been exposed to not only standard studies but also foreign languages, African American cultural studies, home economics and Entrepreneur classes. Although it is a homeschool, the school is a mix of traditional and Montessori style teaching with a lot of hands on activities. The kids go on multiple field trips each month that’s included within their tuition (some times a small fee may be needed). The classes are small (1 to 4 ratio) and based on grade, so the children get any extra instruction that they may need. One of the best features of the school is the free after school tutorial. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to give their children the best educational experience possible. I love this school and will continue to support it as it grows !

Ms. Tolliver Parent
Transformational Programs

Holistic Approach to Education

We flip the script on traditional education by taking weekly field experiences to enhance learning and doing a monthly event called, Kings and Queens Day, which focuses on emotional well-being. These activities help children be excited to learn and help them develop strong emotional maturity.


Weekly Field Experiences: Once a week we take students out of the classroom and into the world around them. These experiences help make the materials they learn engaging and memorable. 

    • Our previous experiences include multiple Atlanta museums, several GA state parks, Street Art Tour, a pumpkin farm, a skating rink, a horse ranch, UGA, and so much more.

Kings and Queens Day:

King and Queens Day is the last Friday of each month. This day is set aside to treat our scholars like the royalty they are. It is important that we reach students at the whole-child level and not just on an academic level. This particular day we focus on social and emotional well-being. We pamper them and give them opportunities to talk about issues they are facing. We do whole-group activities and split up to have gender-specific conversations. 

    • Some topics discussed in the past are self-esteem, citizenship, questions and answers on being a boy or girl, team building, parent-child relationships, friendship, health and wellness, conflict resolution, anger management, expressing feelings, peer pressure, bullying, and suicide.

Unlock Your Child's Potential

We offer tutoring services for ages 4-18.

Subjects:  We can assist will math, reading, science, history, and test prep. 

Times of day: We offer services from 3 pm-7 pm on an appointment basis only. 

Location: Tutoring services are located at our facility. We also offer virtual sessions depending on the subject. 

Summer Camps

A Summer Full of Learning and Fun

We offer summer camps for ages 4-13.

Camp Schedule: We offer academic enrichment in math and reading at the beginning of each camp day. Our afternoon is filled with off-campus activities including trips to the parks, museum, swimming pool, and overnight trips.

Camp Length:  Camp is a 6-7 week program during the June and July month.

Times:  Camp is 8 am-5 pm, Monday-Thursday.